Dr. AJ Minai is a force that has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses use the power of brand storytelling to genuinely engage people in an increasingly digital world. A passionate advocate of emotional quotient and emerging technologies such as blockchain, AJ is determined to humanize the digital experience in a world where almost everything is done online. It’s not so much about tech as it is about the people whose lives it transforms.

We are one of the most accessible and easy to understand investment platforms in the world. We are here to take what may seem as a complex concept and turn it into a reachable opportunity for you to win big. With a user friendly system, Casmax allows you to maximise your profits in a trusted and secure environment. The future of finance and investments lie in DeFi and with Casmax, you can be in control of that future.

We are a marketing agency focused on supporting crypto and blockchain companies in their growth within a digital world. Our team of experts offer personalised and highly targeted campaigns to ensure you receive maximum profits from your investments. A highly innovative and well throughout strategy is what is going to set you apart from your competitors. At Cryptistro, we do the work for you.

We are a team of healthcare professionals from three different private hospitals focusing primarily on orthopedics and sports injury rehabilitation. Between us, we have a total of 15 years of clinical experience treating orthopedic and sports injuries patients, athletes,active teenagers, corporate clients and senior citizens. Our treatments vary from exercise-based to manual therapy depending on the patient and type of injury.

Time is not an excuse for modern, independent, bold and energetic men and women to appear less than poised. They make time their ally instead, with modern approaches and online solutions to remain elegant. We have embraced this mindset at PRETTI to make beauty discoverable and accessible to every individual in Malaysia. Our philosophy is, there’s beauty everywhere, if one knows where to look.

When it comes to handling marketing campaigns and managing world-class events in the 21st century, nothing short of a team of digital savants, storytellers, creative thinkers and relentlessly curious minds can take them to the next level. At Pro Action Advertising & Media, we build campaigns that help brands connect with their most important asset; their customers, in a special way.

The world has been waiting for a sophisticated bridge that connects investors with a diversified portfolio of international properties in a smart, efficient and profitable way. Propertiq does that and more, by harnessing the extraordinary powers of tokenization and blockchain. Welcome the future of real estate investment, where investors also get to multiply earnings by marketing our business model within the same ecosystem.

We supply both medical and industrial grade gloves that have been tested and proven to be safe. Its protective qualities and durability provide the peace of mind and comfort needed by healthcare professionals and others in hygiene-critical industries. Our mission is to help THEM help US make this world a safer place for everyone.

Subture started in 2006 in Los Angeles that snowballed into Asia over time. Today we’re a full service creative digital agency that’s focused on brand storytelling. With over 400 clients globally, we’re a partner to those companies looking to go on digital adventures that other have said are impossible.

VONECO is a global ecosystem of life-altering, sustainable technologies created by a group of award-winning technologists, and market innovators who are dedicated with the sole mission of saving tomorrow. Our solutions include disinfection technologies, atmospheric water generator and clean waste management systems among others. We started in Denmark, serving iconic names like the Radisson Blu and Hamburg Airport in Germany followed by Borgo Santo Pietro Hotels in Italy. nanoVon™ took Europe by storm and now, the world.