Digital & Creative Disruptors

We are a group of digital savants, storytellers and creatives with the capacity to execute a wide variety of marketing and business ideas.

Our genius is in creative digital projects, disruptive technologies, brand storytelling, social media strategy development, avant-garde business models, electronic platform development and on-demand marketing services that create lasting immersive experiences. 

We are a group of consultants and investors who have evolved to meet the changing needs of businesses with a penchant for disruptive technologies. And we have dared to venture into areas most have only vague ideas of, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, quantum computing, and IoT.

In the beginning, when most ‘experts’ discredited these technologies, we recognized the potential and dived right in to become the team of professionals that we are today. For years now, we have been funding, founding, training and delivering holistic ideas and solutions to companies without overly complicating the execution. 

If anything, we make everything simpler and more practical for both the operational teams and clients. It’s a gift, to be able to revolutionize industries, but we do it every day.


Dr. Rayyan Eshaghpour

Dr. Rayyan EshaghPour is a Venture Builder based in Asia with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience across APAC & MENA. Often described as a “Technopreneur”; Dr. Rayyan possesses a unique mix between technology and business models, localised to effectively drive Asian market adoption.

Dr. Rayyan comes from 12 years of industry experience as well, engaging with massive tech-driven organisations like Clarizen, Salesforce, and Google before he started  building his own businesses & platforms. CoFounder of several startups within Branding, Tech, Education, & International Trade till date; Dr. Rayyan also focuses on cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and blockchain projects within the region.

From holistic business models down to the operational components like impactful white-papers, sustainable fundraising exercises, etc — the entire end-to-end process made easier & more effective because of Dr. Rayyan’s collective market experience plus his ROI-centric mindset.

Dr. A.J Minai

Dr. A.J Minai is a Co-Founder & the Chief Memorability Officer (CMO) at Vision 77 Ventures, an emerging-tech, early-stage growth accelerator based out of Kuala Lumpur with over fifteen brands within its portfolio across APAC & MENA since 2016. Vision 77 is on a mission to hand-pick, empower, & equip 77 founders to build their dreams into 77 profitable purposes around the world. 

Dr. A.J Minai is a 2X TEDx speaker, brand storyteller, & award-winning entrepreneur who’s spoken at over 230 events globally, he was awarded “Best LinkedIn Influencer” by Malaysia Social Media Week (#MSMW2019). Marketing In Asia (MIA) Magazine listed him as one of the “Top100 LinkedIn Icons to Follow” 3-times-in-a-row over the last three years. 

He was also invited to be a member of ‘Top Voices Malaysia’ — 30 of the most Influential people on LinkedIn in 2018. In 2020, Dr. AJ was invited to the Forbes Communications Council as part of their global expert panel — an invitation-only organisation for senior-level communications & public relations executives. In 2021, he was accepted as an Advisor within the HBR Advisory Council, a unique online research community where members have the opportunity to share their views and opinions with peers and the staff of Harvard Business Review. 

Today, Dr. A.J continues to further his life’s mantra “Impact over Influence” across Vision 77’s plethora of branding, design, blockchain, professional services, education, healthcare, property, & training ventures.


Venture Capital
In our world, the word ‘disruptive’, does not have a negative connotation. In fact, we are constantly on the lookout for disruptive ventures to invest in. We don’t hesitate to move our machinery to manifest an idea, if we see great potential and recognize the value it could bring to communities. Businesses that are disruptive in nature are instrumental to the future we are aspiring to build. It comes as a no surprise then, that we are loved by futurists whose novel business ideas have been dismissed by others.
Disruptive Technologies
An epitome of thinking outside the box, disruptive technologies turn the impossible to possible. In an era where the market is constantly shifting, businesses should actively seek novel ways to remain relevant. If your business needs a brand-new solution for a long-time problem, no one gets more excited than us! Our experience in emerging technologies is second to none and we know how to use them to solve some of the biggest problems today.
Social Media Strategy
One of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers and understand them today is through social media, where brutally honest and transparent conversations take place every day. With the right strategy and insight, we can help you talk to your customers, find out what they care about and lead you to their hearts. Our thinking is simple; be part of the discussion so you’re in prime position to influence the outcome.
Brand Storytelling
Whatever the nature of your business is, there is a story behind it that makes it human and appealing to your customers. As experts in brand storytelling, we will help you connect with your audiences, pull at their heartstrings and engage with them using your unique story. We develop strategies using proven techniques to make you seem less like a faceless entity and more like an organization with a warm heart.
Reimagining Business Models
Traditional business models did well until the power shifted from large corporations to micro-influencers and the gig-economy. What began at the start of this millennia however, will only intensify in the years to come with almost every business model reimagined and reengineered. We recognized this long ago, which is why we introduced smart education through Tomorrow Academy and smartphone-based diagnostics with NDN Global. We continue to look for fresh opportunities to reimagine other businesses.
Advertising & Marketing
Whether you’re a business to consumer (B2C) or a business-to-business (B2B) based organization, you need tech-savvy, efficient, results-driven and proven marketing and advertising strategies. We help companies start with the big picture and develop creative concepts that ensure their campaigns are effective and captivating, for maximum impact.
Events Management
We have organized and delivered legendary singing sensations and famed dance troupes from all over the world to entertain and mesmerize our increasingly discerning audiences. When it comes to large scale events, you need a team that is beyond prepared, cool under pressure and with exceptional technical expertise. And that is what we are, after years of masterminding high profiled events.

We work with a limited number of clients and companies every year so that we can see through their progress until the end and maintain the quality of our services. But if you believe you have an idea that deserves to steal our attention and shake up an entire industry, we’d love to hear from you!