Not The Average Swimming Pool

You’d Think That a Pool Needs a Palatial Home…

But it really doesn’t. Smartpools swimming pools require very little space, in fact, just 130 sq ft. It is small enough to fit into a room, patio, balcony or porch but big enough that anyone in the family can enjoy. Smartpools offers the world’s first and only swimming solution that can generate real river-like currents with variable speed smoothly and silently. Imagine coming home to one of these after a long and difficult day at work.

Smashing All the Conventional Notions of a Swimming Pool

Smartpools has smashed all the traditional limitations of installing and owning a swimming pool. You might think it would consume an astronomical amount of water, but with Smartpools, you only need 9000 litres and it doesn’t require frequent changing or refilling. If you think it involves major construction, Smartpools swimming pool can be installed in a day. You don’t even have to worry about maintenance because Smartpools swimming pools are equipped with automated filtration system that does the maintenance for you.

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